August 5, 2018

Request A Free Box


Mission: Transition offers free personalized subscription boxes – thanks to our generous sponsors and donations! These boxes are for folks who can not afford or otherwise safely obtain trans resources and empowerment items.

Please only request a box if you are truly in need of one. We want to make sure that the folks who don’t have financial support or access to resources are able to receive one of our boxes. We use the honor system – so please be honest!

Requests are open worldwide & Shipping is 100% free always.


We ask that anyone requesting a box identifies as trans in some way (non binary and other gender non-conforming identities welcome as well) and cannot otherwise afford basic trans resources.

How to get Started:

  1. Fill out our Request form – When you have finished this in its entirety, you’ll be added to our Waitlist! You’ll receive an email confirmation.
  2. Wait for an Email – We will email you when we have matched you with a box from a sponsor or supporter! From there we will send you a link to customize your box!
  3. Receive your Box! – Get your box shipped out with the next round of subscriptions!

Would you rather donate a box for someone to receive? Click here to find out how. Still have questions? Email us at