September 26, 2017


Q: What will come in a Subscription Box?

Each Subscription Box will have 5 – 7 transition related items that will help you in your journey. Although the contents inside the box will change each month, you can expect:

  • 1 Clothing Item
  • 1-2 Health-Related items
  • 1 Transition Related item
  • 1 Art print from a trans* artist
  • 1-2 Novelty Items
  • Various Stickers
  • A Newsletter containing several Comics, tutorials, and graphics!

Q: How do I buy a box?

A: We will announce our box sales reopening soon! Sales will open for the next box when the previous box ships!

Q: How do I donate a box?

A: On the front page of our website, you’ll find a big pink button where you can donate a box!

Q: Can I see what’s in my box before it comes?

A: We will post lots about the brands that will be featured in our upcoming boxes, and some sneak peeks on our social media, but the fun part is that your box is a surprise!

Q: How do I get on the waitlist?

A: Find it here!

Q: Who is the waitlist for?

A: The waitlist is only for trans folks who cannot afford or otherwise do not have access to the transitioning essentials they need to be their genuine self.

Q: How many people are on the waitlist? Where’s my customization email?!

A: A LOT. We are distributing boxes first come first serve based on how many donations we get. Once you get matched with a box, you’ll get a customization email and you’ll be on your way! If you are able to pay for your box and want to do so – email us and we will take you off the waitlist.

Q: Can I customize my box?

A: Absolutely! Each customer goes through a customization process that asks a bit about your preferences, measurements, your transition, and your goals. We try to take everything into account so that we can create a unique resource for you!

Q: “Im _________. Can I still order a box?”

A: If you identify as trans, and could utilize resources for your transition, then of course! We do not police who buys our boxes. We are for all trans bodies at any point in your transition. Feel free to buy one for a friend or family member even if you’re not trans!

Q: How much is Shipping? International?

A: Always free shipping to the USA, and $18 shipping for International

Q: I’m not trans, but I still want to help. What can I do?

A: You can help share our posts, donate a box, or check out our sponsor page to figure out how to become a sponsor!

Q:When will the first box ship?

A: First Boxes shall send out at the end of September! We are waiting on our resource newsletters to be delivered! They had to be revised quite a few times and it has been holding up the process.

Q: Can I cancel whenever I want?

A: Yes! You can cancel your monthly commitment whenever you want!

Q: Can I gift a box?

A: Absolutely! You can purchase a box and send a customization link to your trans friend/family, or you can donate a box and we will make sure it gets to the next person in line for our waitlist!