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Transitioning can be downright exhausting. All of the steps we have to take, all of the information we have to find, and on top of that, trying to find clothing and transition-related products that fit our needs–all of these things can make transitioning seem harder than it needs to be. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way at all (crowd audibly breathes out a sigh of relief). TransGuy Supply is the company that all trans men/trans masculine folks have been longing for!

Founded by Scout, a trans man who has worked hard to provide high-quality and affordable products, TransGuy Supply offers binders, packers, apparel, and even products for personal grooming. Scout used his experience transitioning as inspiration to create a company that focused on producing products FOR transgender people BY transgender people. This company was built on community, support for one another, and backed by the idea of providing a pleasant shopping experience for AFAB trans people all over the world.

Over the last couple months, our writers were fortunate enough to try out TransGuy Supply’s very own line of packing gear! We teamed us with TGS to bring you a comprehensive and in depth review of their products, and to tell you a little more about what you can expect when you step into your first pair of Jockmail Undies. Like we mentioned, they have a wide range of products outside of packing gear, so head over to their website and give it a look. However, by far, their most popular and iconic product is their Jockmail packing underwear. Fortunately, we were able to snag a couple pairs of briefs and boxer briefs to tell you a little about what we think!


Packing Underwear are god sent for those who sport a packer. A packer is a phallic object, often made of silicone or ‘cyberskin’, worn in your pants to give the appearance of a penis. They are often very stubborn, and a pair of reliable packing underwear helps to keep you from running to the bathroom because your packer fell down your pant leg! It’s happened to the best of us – but it doesn’t have to anymore.



It’s no secret, these undies are stylish as hell. With a bold waistband and colors, both the Briefs and Boxer Briefs are undeniably eye catching.

They also sport a foam cup inside of a secret pocket which was a wonderful surprise. With the cup in place, you don’t even need to wear a packer underneath as it creates the bulge naturally. What was even more handy, is that you can take the foam insert and put them in any underwear!


Manpreet, in fact, was in love with the foam cup:

“I love the foam cup because it gave me a completely different experience than the usual penis-shaped packers. The foam cup easily adjusts, so bathroom breaks are no longer a hassle. Penis-shaped packers really bother me because of their smell, the awkward boner that pops up every now and then, and their material constantly rubs up against my skin. Penis-shaped packers make me feel more dysphoric because they do not feel like they are part of my body. Additionally, I stopped packing for an entire year because packing required resources- good hygiene (for you and the packer), money, and time. I personally felt like my lack of resources conflicted with the act of packing. All of these conflicts were easily resolved because of how flexible and small the foam cup is. It is so easy to clean, affordable, and takes 3 seconds to slide on. Ever since I have received this insert, I have not stopped packing. It makes me feel very masculine and empowered.”

Besides the beauty of these underwear, I’m sure you’d like to know if they “work”. All of our testers would say that these underwear definitely work in different manners. They do a remarkable job of keeping in a packer – a snug fit around the butt and crotch assures that your packer has nowhere to run and hide! They also work by eliminating dysphoria and inducing an incredible euphoria!

Let’s hear from our testers –

Kalvin says: 

I loved this the boxer briefs because the material is super sturdy. Even as I was stretching it out, none of the fabric ripped, which is very unlike all the other boxers/boxer-briefs I’ve worn in the past. It also comes with this foam packer (not shaped like a penis) that fits nicely within the little pouch at the front. This is actually super awesome because not only does it keep the foam packer from going anywhere, but it will help keep any other packers I use from sliding down into my pants leg or falling out when I go to the bathroom (what a pain, amiright?). The security of it made the experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.” 

Manpreet says:

As a transgender man, I suffer from really bad bottom dysphoria. I sometimes dissociate during sex because of that disconnection to my body; HOWEVER, my bottom dysphoria was alleviated for the entire time that I wore this packer, even during sex. When I arrived home after wearing it for 8-12 hours, the foam cup literally felt like it became a part of me. There were times when I did not even want to take off the foam cup because it solidified my masculinity. I loved this product for a sundry of reasons: the foam cup is composed of durable material, it was an easy fit for all of my other underwear, it is easy to clean and take care of, it made me “feel” like I legitimately had a penis, and I was able to use it while having sex. While having sex, I would wear the foam cup in my underwear, and it felt like I actually had a penis. My partner also enjoyed sex more when I was wearing the foam cup; we tried it with and without it on- there was a noticeable difference for the both of us. She was intrigued by it’s noticeable effects. Present-day, my partner and I both prefer sex when I am wearing the foam cup.”

Kendall says:

“It’s probably frowned upon how frequently I wore these underwear. They are that comfy.”


As you can see, there is so much to love about these packing underwear. They are multi faceted and perfect for a first time and experienced packer.


Among our testers, it was agreed upon that the only minor downfall about these underwear was the sizing. Our  testers are all different shapes and sizes and it was the general consensus that they are a little snug. Could this have been fixed with a bigger size? Possibly! Is it also possible that another user might prefer a snug fit? Totally! This all comes down to preference.

However, we have found that the tightness of the band and snugness of the booty doesn’t work for all body types. This is not to scare you away, but something to be aware of before purchasing. TGS doesn’t currently have sizing larger than 38″, but they are working on it!

All in all, these underwear kick ass. They are an amazing resource for trans guys and for those who pack, and everyone should have a pair in their closet.


Let’s hear our tester’s rating our of 10:



“I would rate these underwear 9.5/10. They definitely worked for my body type, and they honestly made me feel like superman. I would argue that the snugness offers added security, and although the waist band was rather tight when I first tried them on – it seemed to loosen up after a few wears. Overall, I want 10 more pairs, please.”


I would rate the briefs 7/10 – would recommend. They are good packing underwear, but it may be difficult to pack with them with a different kind of packer. The packer would have to be a specific size to fit into the pouch with the foam cup. Also, the sizing of the actual underwear was a bit discouraging. The sizing runs small (as we all know) but it made the experience less enjoyable with the elastic being so tight around my waist and thighs.”


“I’m giving the boxer briefs a rating of 8.5 out of 10. I would recommend this product to all folx who pack, especially those who are new to the community. I wish I had this product when I initially started transitioning because my bottom dysphoria would not have been as bad. I had given up on all other packers since they made me feel uncomfortable. The sizing needs a lot of work, but the foam cup itself is very flexible and can adjust to other underwear.”


In other words, the team at Mission: Transition strongly recommends you go over to TransGuy Supply’s shop – and buy a pair if this sounds like something you need to get your booty inside. These undies are so versatile in many ways, and we enjoyed the opportunity to try them out!



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