Daily Positive Affirmations for Trans Folx

      As trans folks, it’s often easy to feel beat down by hate and intolerance from your family, community, and even online. While this can be true, there are ways that you can take charge of your healing and hold space for yourself to thrive despite your toxic environment or circumstances. One of those methods is through the use of daily affirmations to promote a positive mental shift and gratitude at the start of every day.

      You can think of an affirmation like an assertion or declaration. When you say your daily affirmations to yourself, you are simply declaring, and solidifying positive truths inside of yourself – even if you don’t exactly believe what you are saying at first, and even if it is not yet true! The important part is that you’re giving your brain the mental break consisting of love and gratitude – something we are often short of, living in a chaotic world.




  Everything we do, starts from a thought; imagine a seed. Bad thoughts grow into actions and decisions made out of fear and spite. If we plant healthy seeds and thoughts, and continue to water them and create an environment suitable for growth using our other self care techniques, they will grow into actions made out of love and compassion. In turn, you will attract like minded people who are also acting out of a place of love. Create space for love and love with find you – always!


      Pick a few trans friendly affirmations below, and repeat them to yourself in the mirror or on a walk. It may feel a little funny at first, but after a while you will feel a shift in the way you see yourself and the things around you! Try adding some affirmations of your own to your list and commit to holding yourself accountable using our self care progress journal.


  1. My identity is valid.

  2. I live in an abundance of self love.

  3. I am who I say I am, despite what others may think.

  4. I am courageous enough to stand up for myself.

  5. I am healthy.

  6. I am in love with myself.

  7. All of my goals are within reach, and I have the power to make them happen.

  8. Im going to do today’s shot on the first try.

  9. I have a support system of loving people.

  10. I choose to make the most out of my day today.

  11. I am confident

  12. I choose to be grateful for what I have.

  13. Today is a new day, filled with new opportunity.

  14. My pronouns are not preferred, they are mandatory.

  15. I am surrounded by people who love and care about me.

  16. I care about the people around me.

  17. I am going to make today the best I possibly can.

  18. I am open to loving relationships.

  19. I love my body.

  20. Today, I decide to put myself first.

      As you can see, the list can go on and on! If you feel grateful about a situation or an area of your life, jot it down as an affirmation and add it to your list to stay mindful about the amazing things in your life. If you are seeking something in your life, add it to your affirmations – AS IF you’ve already received it – and watch as opportunities arise for these things to come into your life.


      Remember – Consistency is Key! Find a time in your day where you are in a private space, and try to work it into your schedule so that you won’t forget each day. Affirmations themselves are very easy, but doing them everyday is the hard part. In time, you’ll find that it’ll be easier and more enjoyable for you to make time for your affirmations. You may even look forward to the time you have together with yourself!


If you’d like help to keep track of your healthy self care habits, consider checking out our 2nd Volume of Thrive (Released December 20) , which includes a mini self care progress journal to hold yourself accountable for forming your new habits!

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