Box #1 Breakdown


Hello wonderful subscribers!

As our first Mission: Transition Box is delivered this week, our products and content are being revealed by you!  We had a very wide array of products from lovely queer & mindful companies this month and there ended up being over 10 different combinations of products sent out! So, your box might look slightly, or wildly different than the next persons’, but they were all made with love and good intentions.

You may be a little confused as to why we picked what we did – and this post is here to help clear that up!


Whats Inside?




Pronoun TeeTransfigure Print Co

At the center of our box this month is an amazing tee made by a rising trans owned business. Each box will receive one of these stylish T Shirts with their own pronoun proudly displayed on it!

If you’d like to check out some more of Transfigure’s queer empowered designs, head over to their online store!

Transition Items

These are items directly tied to your individual transition that will help to promote gender euphoria or assist with

processes adopted by transitioning.



Sharp ShuttleStealth Bros & Co

Stealth Bro’s Shuttle offers a discrete disposal of needles for those who take hormones. This month, everyone who administers their hormones (both estrogen and Testosterone) via injection will receive this convenient shuttle. Put it in your purse, backpack, or your Dopp Kit for safe keeping whenever you need it.

If you’d like to check out SBC’s other luxurious products check em’ out here!




Gold Glow StickNOTO Botanics

From all-natural, gender neutral, and cruelty free makeup brand NOTO, comes their Gold Glow Stick, a euphoric option for all skin tones. Those who preffered to receive makeup will see one of these in their boxes!


If you’d like to find out more about How to Apply your stick and the ingredients, check here!




Lavender Beard Growth OiliAmi Beard and Body Shop

From another trans owned and operated business comes some more natural care products! IAMi’s Beard Growth Oil provides an option for those who want to promote facial hair growth naturally. Those who specified that they want more facial hair should expect too find one of these in their box!

Apply twice a day for best results. Ingredients: Essential oils, Supplements, Vitamin E, Biotin, Oil, Natural Oil, Carrier Oils, Eucalyptus, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Lavender




Undies! – Assorted

For those who don’t resonate with any of the options above will receive a pair of underwear in their favorite style! Nothing makes you feel better than a nice pair of underwear that make you feel like your true self.



Although some of the above could also fall under the Health category, we went a self care route and chose a wide array of Lush Cosmetic Products for you to pamper yourself with! Having a healthy relationship with your body and well being is an incredibly important part of your health also!

Rump – All of our femme leaning folks received a jar of Rump – a gold dusted body rub made for smooth skin and

anti chafing all in one. If you’re curious to know more about Rump and its Ingredients, check it out here!

Elbow Grease – For our folks who have had any kind of chest surgery, Elbow Grease helps to soothe and moisturize scars with its multiple natural butters. If you want to learn a little more about the ingredients or how to use your elbow grease, check here!

Baked Alaska – Being on testosterone often creates oily skin and acne, so this vegan soap bar by Lush is perfect to keep your skin clean and refreshed. Find it in your box if you are on any form of testosterone! Be sure to check out the ingredients here!

Fun! – This calming lavender scented soap doubles as moldable clay and endless fun. This product, along with the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb were randomly split up among the remainder of the subscribers this month.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb – A rosebud infused bath bomb, perfect for a relaxing evening in the tub, while reading our newsletter. This product, along with the Fun! were randomly split up among the remainder of the subscribers this month.

If you received the Fun!, or Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb, and would rather have the other, email us and we will switch them out while supplies last!


Novelty / Pride Items



Trans/Non Binary Flag Lapel PinBianca’s Design Shop

Each person received 1 lapel pin with the flag of their choosing! If someone specified that their pronouns were they/them, they should expect a non-binary flag, and any other binary pronouns should expect a trans flag!







Trans Dinosaur PinsTiger’s Eye Adventure Co

Everyone will enjoy these amazing pins that just couldn’t be passed up!










Art Print – Mars Buchanan | @Wizwoe | Instagram







If for whatever you think that you received the wrong products or have more questions about your box, don’t hesitate to email us at!

If you have any products, themes, artists, etc that you would like to see in your next Mission: Transition Box, let us know!



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