Post – Kickstarter Update

Hello all!

Since our last update – we have funded our little project over 400% of our goal on Kickstarter! Our campaign finished up on July 13, with over $13,000 in pledges. That is so so amazing, and way outside of the realm of what we thought was originally possible. We thank you a million times over for putting your money where your mouth is and supporting our business and other trans people all around the world.

Right now, we are still waiting for Kickstarter funds – there is a 2 week money collection period + a 2-5 business day wait for the money to arrive to us. In the meantime, we have been perfecting our kickstarter rewards and other aspects of our boxes. We were so blown away  with the generosity of everyone involved and we want to really blow you out of the water with the first box. In the works, we have some custom products and our newsletter! And as soon as we receive our funding, we will be ready to order all the products from several other trans brands!

If you’re reading this, thank YOU for being a part of our mission. We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Stay tuned for more!

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